Hello, I’m Roslyn, creator of Whey’d & Measured. I’m a Personal Trainer and grandmother/self taught baker and after years of tinkering with recipes I’ve finally managed to combine the two in the form of 4 delicious high protein brownies.

Whey’d & Measured Protein Brownies are made with caramelised sweet potato come in Chocolate, Chocolate Orange, Peanut Butter and Caramel. They range from 105 to 131 calories and all contain at least 7.4g of protein!

They are the perfect little treat for people who are looking to add a little indulgence to a healthy lifestyle without blowing the diet. I’ve even added them all onto My Fitness Pal so if you’re tracking your intake then it couldn’t be easier!

TYPE OF BUSINESS: Health food shop, Home-bakery

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WEBSITE: Whey’d & Measured Facebook Page

EMAIL: wheyd.measured@gmail.com