7 comments on “Nicolson’s Bar And Kitchen Opens In Greenock

  1. Agnes Fulton on - Reply

    Are children welcome during day for food. If so do you have kids menu. My grandchildren love eating out with me. Ages 12 & 8. Good luck with everything.

  2. Jim MacLeod on - Reply

    It is good to see the old Argyll opening up again. And good to see another venue opening offering food, live entertainment and offering jobs. As a dog owner I am enthused by the news that the new Nicolson’s will be dog friendly.

  3. hugh cummings on - Reply

    Very best of luck TF, your a brave man as many bars are closing in the current climate

  4. William F Wilson on - Reply

    I have just been invited to the bar, I have been taken back by the change’s that has gone on! As we went in I saw five group dinning. I also found the price list very resalable. I wish them the management and staff well

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