3 comments on “Beacon Bistro To Close

  1. What a pity! However, Bistros don’t work in Greenock, let’s not forget the majority of people who live in the area, cash flow is low. I do think this would be a fantastic opportunity for a young & ambitious team if someone (beacon management?) has the savvy to back them. There’s no reason for the bistro to have failed other than bad management. Fantastic location, stunning views, sorry to hear the plug has been pulled & 5 people are no unemployed. If the venue is now being put out to ‘casual wokers’ then why not introduce ‘pop up’ street food, it just needs a bit of ‘thinking outside the box’.

  2. Patricia Meechan on - Reply

    This so sad we are coming up in a few weeks and we went in there a lot we loved it food was good and we would just pop in for coffee . Is it going to be open for coffees ?.

  3. And not before time.
    I have seldom seen such a poorly managed and dismally staffed eating establishment anywhere.
    Let’s hope someone takes a long hard look at the so-called Senior Management of this organisation.

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